• All housing service are individualised to the program participant and committed to providing a sense of home
  • Residential Program providing individualised options including shift-staffed residences and cluster housing resources
  • Home Share Program providing family-based living models and professional roommates
  • Outreach Housing providing staffed and unstaffed room and board resources in the community
  • Housing Resources available within Winnipeg, Steinbach, Brandon, and surrounding areas
  • House Blessings provided by Indigenous Spiritual Care Services
  • Compliance to safety standards in all agency residences
  • Collaborative relationships with community landlords, housing first agencies, and social housing programs


  • A variety of clinical services, including psychology, occupational therapy, addictions supports, nurse practitioner
  • Participant Advisory Committee
  • Clinical Case Management, Mentorship, Advocacy, and Individualized care planning
  • Quality of Life supports and Crisis Intervention
  • Day and Evening Programming and Special Events
  • Productive Role and Employment Opportunities
  • Self-Expression and Recreation Opportunities
  • Food Security Resources
  • Supported Access to Medical Care
  • Life Skills Programming and Support
  • Basic Need Services
  • Peer Support Programming
  • Voluntary and informed service delivery
  • Integrated recovery supports


  • Elder-in-Residence and Scaabes (Cultural Support Workers)
  • Productive Role and Employment Opportunities
  • Regular Wellness Circles, including traditional drumming
  • Traditional Medicines at Each Office
  • Life Cycle Ceremonies and Pipe Ceremonies
  • Seasonal Ceremonies, including quarterly Sacred Fire Feasts
  • Monthly Sweatlodges
  • Circle of Care Mediation Services
  • Safe and affirming programming for Participants and Staff
  • Teachings and Activities to promote Empowerment, Identity, Connection and Belonging
  • Elder Teachings on Residential & Day Schools, Intergenerational Trauma, and Reconciliation for staff and community collaterals
  • Land-based programming
  • Peer leadership opportunities to share knowledge and gifts

Head Office


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