125 Higgins Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 0B6

P: 204-772-1591
F: 204-772-1784

725 Princess Ave

Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 0P4

P: 204-772-1591
F: 204-727-8489

Please be advised the previous Life’s Journey offices located at 1970 Main Street, 1833 Portage Ave and 720 Broadway Ave have closed. We are now located at 125 Higgins ave.


Agency Directors


Graham Wyllie
Executive Director


Steve Lanktree
Director of Finance & Operations


Elder Debbie Cielen
Director of Indigenous Spiritual Care Services


Chris Culleton-Koebel
Director of Outreach & Evaluation


Lorraine Ratcliffe
Director of Residential & Quality Assurance


Colin Morrow
Director of Home Share


Melody Chaudhary
Director of Human Resources

Program Managers


Elaine Hochman
Residential Program


Kahleigh Krochak
Residential Program


Amoi McGhie-Waite
Home Share Program


Monica Tomaszewski
Women’s Outreach Program


Nicole Cruickshank
Men’s Outreach Program


Emma Rafferty
Spectrum Connections FASD Program


Leonard Koberstein
Rural Connections FASD Program & Eastman Services (Acting)


Jodi Roney
Westman Services


Gino Mallari
Human Resources