720 Broadway

Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 0X1

P: 204-772-1591
F: 204-772-1784

1970 Main St

Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2V 2B6

P: 204-772-1591
F: 204-772-1784

1833 Portage Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3J 0G4

P: 204-772-1591
F: 204-772-1784

725 Princess Ave

Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 0P4

P: 204-772-1591
F: 204-727-8489

98F Brandt St

Steinbach, Manitoba
R5G 0V6

P: 204-772-1591
F: 204-326-3727


Agency Directors


Graham Wyllie
Executive Director


Steve Lanktree
Director of Finance & Operations


Elder Debbie Cielen
Director of Indigenous Spiritual Care Services


Chris Culleton-Koebel
Director of Outreach & Evaluation


Lorraine Ratcliffe
Director of Residential & Quality Assurance


Colin Morrow
Director of Home Share


Melody Chaudhary
Director of Human Resources

Program Managers


Elaine Hochman
Residential Program


Kahleigh Krochak
Residential Program


Amoi McGhie-Waite
Home Share Program


Monica Tomaszewski
Women’s Outreach Program


Nicole Cruickshank
Men’s Outreach Program


Emma Rafferty
Spectrum Connections FASD Program


Leonard Koberstein
Rural Connections FASD Program & Eastman Services (Acting)


Jodi Roney
Westman Services


Gino Mallari
Human Resources